Bright Bud, Light Tunes and Shimmering Snacks: A Peaceful and Euphoric Sensation 1976

Bright Bud

As we look forward life can seem dim, but no worries, because here at Newsweed we are here to brighten your day. We have decided to shine a spotlight on a selection of bright bud, light tunes, and a shimmering snack. 

For our choice of bud, we have selected none other than the hallucinogenic named Peyote Cookies. This strain is an Indica dominant hybrid that is a cross between Peyote Purple and Cookies Kush. Visually this bud is stunning with bright reds and purples across the growing plant.

Peyote Cookies Strain

And if you planned to grow this yourself Peyote Cookies is easy to grow due to their resistance to mold. With the dominant terpene being Pinene this bud smells like the sun glowing across a forest of pine trees. Not to mention Pinene is an excellent anti-inflammatory!

Effects wise this strain brings out the inner beauty in things by enhancing colors and visual perception. The name of this strain lives up to these almost psychedelic effects. A leafly user describes their enlightening experience using this strain. 

“Incredibly hallucinogenic as I was falling asleep, I had an experience where all of the sounds in my environment (fan, TV, running water) started to come together and it was as if I could feel the vibrations. Following that my mind went through a bunch of positive memories from the past and my body felt like it was just bursting with positive energy. This is completely unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and while I wouldn’t use it every night (all of these hallucinations kept me up for a bit), I will definitely enjoy this one on occasion where I want to do some spiritual searching.”

Bright Tunes

One might need some bright tunes to vibe to while being enlightened so why don’t we get in touch with nature by listening to Mort Garson’s album “Mother Earth’s Plantasia”. The story behind this album is equally as interesting as the music. In 1976 when the album was released it was sold in a small Los Angeles plant shop called Mother Earth Plant Boutique. This album was given away with purchases at the store. 

Plantasia – Mort Garson

The album features prominent use of the Moog modular synthesizer, an early electronic instrument. This album was one of the first solely electronic albums that featured nothing but tones and no lyrics. While this music is incredibly futuristic its space-age pop sound has a unique connection to the earth as this album was designed to be music for plants. In fact, almost every song is named after a plant. So if you have some plants that need to grow play this album because as the album cover states the music on this album is “for plants and the people who love them.”

You can enjoy the fun bouncing melody of ‘Baby Tears Blues’, the trippy classical structured journey of ‘Rhapsody in Green’, or the whimsical sunny soundscape of ‘You Don’t Have To Walk a Begonia’. Hopefully listening to this trailblazing electronic masterpiece will keep your mind fed and your soul tied with the light of the earth. 

Bright Snack

Lastly, you are going to need a snack to replenish your inner light and there is no better way to do that than with the brightly colored Peanut M&M’s. While chocolate is great nothing is a better combination than chocolate and peanut. These delicious colorful treats are easy to eat and fun to snack on with a sweet and satisfying crunch they are certified to light your hunger fire.