It Could Be True

Welcome to Newsweed's very own conspiracy theory department. We use conspiracy theory for lack of a better word because more often than not it seems the truth of a lot of situations is obscured for one reason or another. In this area, as in everything, we are dedicated to bringing you the facts, what you choose to believe is entirely up to you.

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So have you heard about this super far-right, and might I add disproven, group of crazies? If you haven’t check this out, they believe that Satan-worshiping, cannibalistic pedophiles are running a sex-trafficking ring. All this while trying to undermine former President Trump. Sound nuts? It is!

What is the real truth behind the coronavirus? Sure it’s here and it’s for real and is potentially deadly, but is it really different than any other virus or disease we have faced before. If you ask me I’d tell you absolutley not! We are all entitled to our opinions but let me give you some information then make your own decision and stop being controlled by fear.

Everyone believes one conspiracy theory, what’s yours? You might think you’re the most level-headed person out there, but the more conspiracy theories that are out there the more likely you are to believe in one of them. Trust me there are a lot of them out there too. Tell us about it, join the newsweed team and write about it.

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“The only thing anyone can really know for sure is that you can’t really know anything for sure. If you’re lucky, you can get half the truth."

A.D. Aliwat~In Limbo