Desperate Darkness: Congress Avenue Bridge

Congress Avenue Bridge Bats Take Flight at Sunset Source:

At sunset, they coalesce

on the Congress Avenue bridge

a quivering blanket- black bodies

winged appendages





to drop

unfurling a blood-purple curtain


in emulation

we hang in the darkness

of our bedrooms and the bars of 6th Street

in the dark corners of imagination,

in the dim light of middle age

waiting for our souls to take flight

to soar into the star stained sky

casting shadows

on the

dying embers of childhood memories

This is human condition–

we cling to the fading daylight

clustered creatures

sensing the setting sun

a ghost of the not so distant past

a rustling of limbs

latent lives,

an intimation of desire and passion


a murmur at midnight

echoing like wings

beating in unison

ever so briefly

.               hanging


in darkness



Charles Bukowski, the Los Angeles beat poet that captured the depravity of American urbanlife, once said, “There is something about writing poetry that brings a man close to the cliff’s edge.” Newsweed is proud to stand in solidarity and offer you a chance to get close to the cliff’s edge with our first Power of Poetry Contest. Are you a budding bard, a versatile versifier, a rhyming regaler? Do you march to the beat of iambic pentameter, or flow like a river with free verse? If so, here’s your opportunity to put your mad poetic chops to the test. Submit an original poem in any form about the following topic: identity. (First placed gets a $250 prize!)

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