Banana Hammock, Moby, and Kettle Chips: A 3 Chill Bill

Knock, Knock.

Who’s there?


Banana who?

Banana Hammock, my friend!
Banana Hammock
Banana Hammock Source:

If you need an escape from the mundane, a passport out of predictability, you should definitely check out Banana Hammock. This is a rare indica strain created by crossing cross breeding Grape God X and Mandarin Sunset strains. The result is one highly potent pot, with an average THC concentration between 22-27%, so tokers beware, this hellacious herb packs a heady body high.

Because Banana Hammock is a heavily (and heavenly) indica dominant strain, smokers typically feel a deep sense of relaxation and report that it relieves pain. One Allbud reviewer said Banana Hammock “Produces very strong positive and upbeat thoughts while very relaxing and calming.” This combination of a happy mind and a relaxed body make this hybrid strain, a pealing. Okay, I know, but who can resist with a name like Banana Hammock

And make no mistake, this bud is aptly named in terms of its aroma and flavor profiles. With a sweet, almost syrupy taste, and fresh, fruity aromas balanced by an earthy goodness, Banana Hammock makes a delectable dessert doobie. 

Banana Hammock
Play, by Moby Source:

So in this most chill state, you’re gonna want something to appropriately fill the musical bill, ya feel? I recommend Play, by Moby. This is a spacious, almost luxurious album that will envelop you in a soothing, yet gently uplifting web of electronic-oriented music. Play “plays” with elements of blues, gospel, and electronica, treating the listener to a varied and intriguing aural soundscape. With lush harmonies and graceful grooves, Play is the perfect accompaniment to a Banana Hammock high. One reviewer captured this perfectly, stating:

Play weaves a marvelous musical tapestry, with a variety of existing, usually obscure source material — such as a virtually unknown song by Southern Gospel group BIll Landford and the Landfordaires (Run On) – to which he adds own musical enhancement, sometimes beats, sometimes background chords, sometimes melody to create something completely new. The opening track, Honey, sets the tone with its combination of a “call and response” type of African American tune with a fierce drum track, and Moby’s trademark muscular piano.

And you can’t forget your piehole, because you gotta feed the body and the mind, right? I recommend Miss Vickie’s Sea Salt & Vinegar Flavored Kettle Cooked Potato Chips. This salty, crunchy, tangy concoction is a perfect counterbalance to the sweet sensations and sound of Banana Hammock and Play. As one reviewer put it: “Good taste and crunch, for me just the right balance of vinegar taste and saltiness. The key for Miss Vickie’s vs all other kettle type chips is they are NOT greasy.” Enjoy! 

Banana Hammock
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