The Dawn of Our Incredible Future: Laura Dawn’s Vision for Transformation in the 21st Century

“Trust in the great unknown.” This is the unwavering message of Laura Dawn, teacher, business consultant, and unabashed advocate for the potential of psychedelics to change the fate of humanity for the better while opening the door to an unimaginably inspiring future, making Laura Dawn a pioneer in the field of psychedelia. 
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Dawn’s influence in the nascent field has not gone unnoticed by her growing fan base. Joe Hawley, a former NFL player, states, “Laura Dawn is a true visionary and change maker. Her desire to bridge the gap between deep healing work and visionary practices in order to instill real, positive change in the world is truly inspiring.”

Dawn will be making a headline speaker at the  Meet Delic conference on November 6th where she will present on the theme of “Exploring the Intersection Between Psychedelics & Creative Problem Solving,” which targets business and thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, and creators.

Dawn is enthusiastic about this opportunity to reach a wide and diverse audience, saying, “I am honored to be a part of Meet Delic this year, which I believe is a pivotal step in shifting society toward greater acceptance of the benefits of psychedelics for overall wellness. I look forward to sharing what I have learned with business and thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, and creators on how to mindfully explore psychedelics and sacred plant medicines as powerful visionary tools for inner transformation and creative manifestation.”

At heart, Dawn is a visionary with a unique capacity to not only envision a different future for herself but also help other people see and realize their own dreamscapes by weaving “together Eastern philosophy with the latest research in the fields of neuroscience, psychedelic studies, and quantum physics to inspire,” according to her website. One of Dawn’s greatest achievements is her creation of a volcanic hot spring retreat center from scratch on the Big Island of Hawai.

Using a personalized approach, Dawn blends science with wisdom to “teach business and thought-leaders, entrepreneurs and creators how to mindfully explore psychedelics and sacred plant medicines as powerful visionary tools fo inner transformation and creative manifestation.” In this sense, Dawn not only sees a new, bold, vastly different future but is actively building it through her transformational encounters. 

And when the volcano at her retreat exploded and forced her and her guest to evacuate, she used her Ayahuasca-inspired vision to live up to her one advice of trusting in the “great unknown” by becoming a leading advocate for the practice of micro-dosing as a means to unlock creativity and out-of-the-box problem-solving. In fact, Dawn sees the literal upheaval of the island as a mirror of the spiritual upheaval of humankind in general as we struggle to find deeper meanings about our life and our place in the universe.

And as philosophical and theoretical as Dawn may seem, she is actually very grounded about what it means to be a transformational person, saying, “To me, a visionary is someone who really knows that we create our reality from the inside out and has the courage and the willingness to actually go within and create a vision, an image, from within the inner realms of our own mind that we can really hold to and picture on a daily basis and really connect to that vision. And literally from a neuroscience perspective, our mind doesn’t know the difference between what we hold in the inner realm of our mind and what we see out there in reality.”

 When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Dawn held true to her inner vision of transformation. She used the opportunity to work on her personal storehouse of knowledge by pursuing a Masters in Science in the Creativity Studies and Change Leadership program at The State University of New York (SUNY) that is focused on studying the intersection and overlap between psychedelics and creative problem-solving, promising new avenues of throught for future generations. 

For Dawn, creativity is not something reserved for the lucky few, those “at the top” so to speak. Rather, creativity is a mindset. As Dawn puts it, “By creating a conceptual framework, we can teach ourselves. It’s almost like uploading a neurological program in the mind, which then allows you to perceive reality differently, and you can train yourself how to perceive in that way by taking that framework and that understanding into the psychedelic space.”

In a world besieged by turmoil, by stress, by constant conflict, especially among our political leaders, perhaps Dawn’s message is the one we need to hear the most, which is that our limitations are self-imposed. The corners we find ourselves in were fashioned by our own hands because our minds are their own prisoners. In this sense, what we believe is what we manifest. So the real question that Dawn is asking us is: “How much can I expand what I believe is possible to create with my life on this planet while I’m alive?” How we answer that question may determine not only the future of psychedelics but our collective fate as a global community. 

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