Fantastic Fungi Global Summit: A 21st Century Transformational Opportunity

Feeling shut in by the demands of the pandemic? Need some mind-expanding information but can’t get away? Want to build your knowledge of the fungi world but are low on cash? No worries, my friend, there is an elegant solution! Just check out the FANTASTIC FUNGI GLOBAL SUMMIT! This virtual conference, held from October 15-17,  is chockful of experts sharing insights and information about the fascinating world of mushrooms. The best part is that it’s free, even though there are additional options you can pay for if you wish.


David Bronner, Cosmic Engagement Officer (CEO) of Dr. Bronner’s, the top-selling natural brand of soaps in North America, will speak at the Fantastic Fungi Global Summit about his reasons for becoming a champion of Psychedelic Reform

The following topics will be explored in depth by a panel of expert guests:

  • Environmentalists & Mycologists
  • Psychedelics & Mental Health
  • Authors, Leaders, & Consciousness
  • Artists & Visionaries
  • Chefs & Foragers
  • Innovators & Disruptors
  • Community Education

Additionally, the summit will feature series of “mush rooms,” specially curated spaces to enhance your overall learning journey. These spaces include a “forage to table” opportunity, a community education forum, a Mycelium Longe and Chat room, a Psychedelic Hut, and even an Art Fungalllery. 

There are a number of in-depth presentations about a variety of subjects, including these:

  • Discovering Mushrooms for Mental Health, a Healthy Body, and a Healthy Earth: Hosted by Louie Schwartzberg, the director of Fantastic Fungi, we look at this wildwest of new discoveries, asking: What are researchers using for Mental Health studies/ solutions? What are Mycologists finding that can help our body? And what might new UFO’s hold for Humanity’s precious needed solutions for our Earth? With only 5% of fungi discovered, what “Unidentified Fungal Objects” could be the next solutions for our minds, body, and earth?
  • Fungi Demos and Discussions: Join our moderator and celebrated author Eugenia Bone as she guides us to two cooking demos by celebrity chefs Spike Mendelson and Derek Sarno. Plus we dive into deep discussions with Maya Shetreat about Mushrooms as food and nutrition: Are mushrooms the next veggie “Protein Replacement?” What mushrooms can I cook and find in stores for physical improvement and to have in my home natural remedy kit. And how does the new mushroom boom affect the way we think about our food, where it comes from and what to cook for our health and our vitality!
  • Authentic  Indigenous Use vs. Commercilziation Of Fungi”: Hosted by moderator Lorna Li of Ethneonation, we discuss how the indigenous used mushrooms through history and culture. Can we usher in a respect for Fungi and not overly “westernize” everything? We look at the current landscape of commercializing, patenting, and whether big corp and big pharma are trying to take over the mushroom movement. Can we avoid the pitfalls of the Cannabis Industry? We’ll talk about it all in this scintillating panel.
  • Legalizing Psilocybin: This is the hot topic that is one part mental health research and one part navigation of politics and policies. We’re joined by MAPS Founder and Executive Director, Rick Doblin, Ph.D. who guides us into the latest usage and studies by major universities that could set us up for more legalization. We’ll dig deep with Tom Eckert, who shares his story of spearheading the 10-year movement for legalization in Oregon: What’s the status 8 months later? What did he do to make that happen? What’s at stake as we move forward? What advice do we have for other states for getting the signatures needed to move the dial. Plus, CEO of Dr. Bronner’s, David Bronner will discuss his reasons for becoming a champion of Psychedelic Reform and his thoughts on how psychedelics will integrate into global culture.
  • The Transformational Power Of Mushrooms: From Mental Health to our Inner Awakening and Evolution, it’s time to talk about the transformative power of mushrooms for mental health and for expanding our consciousness. And we must take a step further and talk about integrating these big leaps in our consciousness and what daily practices can help us integrate this into our lives: meditation, spirituality and beyond.
  • Music Hour fungi Jam: Let’s cap off the Live Summit Friday with music, featuring a special set from mega start and creator of Thievery Corporation, Rob Garza. And then special performances by Beautiful Chorus, as heard on the Fungi Reimagined Album, and two more special guest performances to be announced.
  • Healing with Visual Art, Music, and Mushrooms: Join this discussion, visual journey, and exploration with Fantastic Fungi director Louie Schwartzberg. Throughout this talk we reveal cutting-edge healing therapy with visuals, alcoholism therapy with mushrooms, visuals and music, the healing power of nature, and how important forgiveness can be in this modality of healing. We’ll see special clips from Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Daniel Kelly. Then cap it off with a special Sound Healing session with ethnomusicologist Alexandre Tannous.
  • A Voice of Optimism from the Underground: The future of Mushrooms & Mother Earth! A discussion with Louie Schwatrzberg, director of Fantastic Fungi, plus a special never-before-seen bonus documentary short from Fantastic Fungi on Suzanne Simard and her Mother Tree. 

As psychedelics, especially magic mushrooms, sweep and transform our culture and our country, this is a fantastic opportunity to get in on “the know.” To register for this free even, click here. 

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