Maduro regime arrest a 72-year-old grandmother for making a joke about him.

The Venezuelan regime arrested a 72-year-old grandmother for making a joke about socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro on her TikTok account. We’re talking about one of the most disgusting situations that the South American nation has been experiencing since the rise of the socialist dictatorship, considering that this only shows that not even a grandmother can make a simple joke without suffering the worst type of consequences.

Unfortunately, this horrible case confirms that the Maduro regime, and his predecessor Hugo Chavez, turned  Venezuela not only into the second most impoverished nation in Latin America, but also into an Orwellian nightmare where you must be careful of every single word you say, whether in public or in private.

The woman, whose name is Olga Mata, simply made a joke where she showed different types of Arepas and, named them as the different members of the Venezuelan regime, including Maduro. At one moment, she named one of the Arepas “Cilia”, who is the wife of the socialist dictator, and one of the most corrupt members of the Venezuelan dictatorship.

In fact, her corruption is so extreme that anger and discomfort exist among chavistas and regime members, because of her nepotism. After all, it is known that once she started to get power inside the Venezuelan state, she took advantage of this situation to put a large number of family members into different ministries of the regime.

Once Mata named one of her Arepas as Cilia, she then said “also known as the widow.” After that, someone asked her why she decided to name Cilia as the widow, and Mata said while laughing, “oh, you know, because that’s what we all want.”

Maduro regime’s attorney general comes in.

A couple of hours after the video was published, Maduro regime’s attorney general Tarek William Saab announced on his Twitter account an arrest order against the grandmother and her son Florencio for instigating hate. Literally, the Venezuelan dictatorship decided to punish this grandmother in the worst way possible, for simply making a dumb joke, about one of the worst tyrants in the history of Latin America. The man that contributed to turn the wealthiest nation in the region into a place where 90% of its citizens live in poverty, and 75% live in extreme poverty.

Maduro regime

A day later, Saab said that authorities took precautionary measures and she was released from prison with the condition of presenting to court every 30 days. Her son was free of charge. But if you thought that the nightmare was over, the most humiliating part was yet to come.

Public apology.

As soon as Mata was released, the Maduro regime’s attorney general published a video of the grandmother on his Twitter account. Believe it or not, the video showed Mata delivering a public apology for her TikTok video, where she promised that she would never make this type of joke ever again.

Basically, the Venezuelan dictatorship will not only persecute and get you in jail for literally making a joke about a member of the regime, but will also humiliate you by filming you and forcing you to say in front of the camera that you were wrong and you had it coming.

Of course, this is the latest case that shows the brutal censorship that the Venezuelan regime executes against its own citizens and media outlets. Over the last few years, what used to be one of the Latin American nations with the highest levels of freedom of speech, has turned into a socialist dystopia where people cannot even say what they truly think. After all, you can end as Mata did. Or even worse.