A Man’s Heart: The Hidden Musician’s Dreams

who knows a man’s heart,

the thorned thoughts 

and decadent dreams

that grow there

the small notes 

that burrow through fragile capillaries


there is a 

hidden musician in the chambers- 

a fiddler on the roof

of imagination,

a philanderer

a philosopher

a poor player

who struts and frets

his frets and struts

listening for the silent 


an alternation:

the downbeat

the upswing 

the ghost note 

a rhapsody in red

a requiem in ragtime 


infused by boyish blood

encased by masculine muscle 

it holds forth

in faithful duty: 

prime the pump

compose the truth 

make the boy a man


in the chambers

the musician muses 

the rhythm and blues

of major movements  

the rock and roll 

of minor melodies

driving the tune

measure for measure

the song of life,

the pulse 

the beat

the notes

the dreams

the thoughts

the heart



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