An Author In Heaven

It is said that we are the authors of our life
That we write the words
With our bruises and blood
With our screams of terror
And our squalls of laughter 
We ink the pages
With kisses and curses,
Blowing out birthday candles
To mark the time
But when the birthday candles are snuffed
When their light shines no more
When our heart stops beating
And our neurons no longer fire
When we fade like a final sunset
Do we not continue to author our life? 
Does the script just end–
Or do we add a new act
A rollout of scenes
Under a blazing blue light? 
Is the afterlife simply a new play
A different set
With an audience of angels
And God as the silent director
Giving use cues
And Heavenly inspirations 
So that we can continue to entertain Him 
With our essence?
It’s a wrap. 



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