We Say/They Say: Entheogenic Exorcisms Of Modern Maladies

They say:

We are eternally connected to

The living, breathing land

The rocks, the trees, the wind, the plants

All share one sacred space, a unified energy

A heart that beats in unison 

With all that was

All that is

All that will ever be

And time is an endless river

With no beginning, no end

Streaming and blending

A fluid dance of stars and gods


We say:

We are all separate entities

Individual souls driven by ambition

searching for  moments that 

Make us feel temporarily alive

All in competition

We each occupy our own lot

Our turf, our real estate

Eight billion heartbeats

Pounding out different rhythms 

Chopping time into discreet moments

Days, minutes, seconds, zeptoseconds

A death march of precision 

Marking the moments

A cacophony of voices

All screaming in silence 

To a God who is as removed from our lives

As the rocks, the trees, the wind, the plants


They say:


We have found the essence of our being

In ancient herbs and mushrooms

That nurture the body and heal the heart

Opening us to a sense of wonder

Dissolving the illusions that keep us apart

Ripping the veil that divides us 

From the cosmos 

From the rocks, the trees, the wind, the plants

From God

From ancient wisdom 

From each other 


We Say:

Your essence is a disease, a symptom, a label

And we have found the cure in pills

That cause impotence and apathy

But they are better than your healing customs

Because our scientist have validated their worth

And our politicians have rendered your fungi and sacred plants

Illegal, verboten

And our priests have judged your traditions as archaic, barbaric


They say:

Give us our fungi and sacred plants


For you have stolen our souls, our past, our future, our common identities


We say:

In due time

They say:

Time is up

They Say
Source: crystalwind.ca


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