Pandemic Shines Unexpected Light on American Education

American Education
Education in America

Education is a fundamental human right. For far too long American parents have assumed their children were being educated in public schools. We’ve taken a hands-off approach and let the states educate our children.

Enter, the coronavirus pandemic. Drawn-out lockdowns and stay at home orders closed schools across the country. In a return-to-normal effort and with the help of video conferencing technology many public schools move the curriculum online.

Suddenly, parents can see and hear what’s going on in the classroom. You would think this is a good thing, but Big Brother isn’t liking it much. It seems that parents across the nation are alarmed by the woke cultural education their children are receiving.

Opposing Views on Education

From Critical Race Theory (CRT) to emotional conditioning American education is straying from the fundamental concepts on which it was founded. Proponents argue these discussions are necessary for the support of diversity and inclusion in a modern generation.

They propose that these lessons are essential to creating a fair and inclusive society. It is presented as a type of reform in the name of racial progress. Coincidentally, racial ideology is at the core of their narrative which attempts to define equitable democracy.

Parents argue that schools should concentrate on improving the primary intellectual education that was already stagnant as evidenced in standardized test scores. They don’t agree with the subject matter or the way it is being presented.

Some say their children are being taught to be ashamed of the United States and that it’s good to kneel during the national anthem. They say their children are being taught to be loyal to the school instead of the family. These values are in direct conflict with personal standards which they feel should be shaped at home.

Politics in Education

Ask anyone in America and they will tell you that politics have no place in the American education system. Sit in a classroom for a month and you’ll find out they’re already there. Concerned parents are flooding school board meetings in states across the country to protest the curriculum.

There will always be differing opinions but the degree to which we may effect change seems to be limited. School boards are turning a deaf ear to the concerns of parents and even many teachers leading to heated debates and ending in arrests.

Even the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) have gotten involved. Some parents have been labeled as troublemakers or domestic terrorists. The whole thing is almost like a page from some futuristic horror novel.

The government demands cradle to grave access in some Orwellian reality where people are systematically brainwashed to make them easier to control. America is in a tailspin and it’s taking the education system down, too.

Heated debates at the school board and district level aren’t doing anyone any good. So, thousands of parents have turned to homeschooling options in an exercise of their individual rights. We can only hope that these liberties aren’t infringed upon any time soon.

Restricted Access to Homeschooling Options

France recently passed a law which severely restricts its citizens’ ability to homeschool their children. There are certain instances where homeschooling will be allowed because of disabilities or family homelessness. The law also explicitly states that people who do homeschool are subject to investigation by social services.

Perhaps this is done in the name of child protection, which is understandable. Young children do need an advocate, someone looking out for their best interest. Public schools often serve as a safe place or rescue opportunity for those in abusive environments.

However, there should be limits on governmental oversight. Social Services shouldn’t be used as an enforcer for those opposed to the public education system. Every child deserves a quality education, but no political party should be able to impose their views on schoolchildren.

It’s part of the moral fabric of our great country. Unfortunately, parents in France who don’t agree with the curriculum have no choice. They must send their children to school anyway. If America doesn’t pay attention, we could soon be in the same situation.

Big government could easily take a page from the Chinese Communist Party and limit our right to homeschool. Many policy makers and representatives have already adopted a socialist agenda. More oversight and a lack of school choice in the name of domestic terrorism isn’t a far stretch from where we are currently.

Socialism in the Name of Equality

Our rights as individuals and as a public society are being quietly eroded in the name of equality. Big money rides on shaping the minds of our future generations and our political leaders are insistent on having a hand in it. They call it the restructuring of society.

Public education is huge. There are over 98,000 public schools in America with an average of 500 students each. The ideology graduating from those schools in a few short years will be the voting public and the official elite. Its easier to shape young minds that it is to change old ones.

Covid-19 has shown us many things. It’s been dark and scary and at times uncertain. It has shown the world how resilient people are and how very fragile life can be. It has shown us our weaknesses and it has shined a light on the evolving American education system.