Donald Trump: Cheater in Chief in a Jumpsuit

Donald Trump loves money and adulation. He likes power and influence but he really wants people to think he is wealthier than he actually is. He loves conning people and not paying bills that he owes. His big mistake was running for and winning the presidency. His shady dealings will come under microscopic  scrutiny and he and his family will probably be in big trouble. His huge bigly loans will be coming due soon and that will add to his headaches and problems. I don’t know how he got the rnc to pay a lot of his legal bills. probably threats and manipulation .He must have some really good information he is blackmailing the big shots with. His mafia like tactics are not appropriate in the government or anywhere in general. I don’t know why he has so many loyal ,crazy and hysterical followers, how so many people could believe his stupid cons and lies. Most of them don’t even make any sense. The economy did show a temporary improvement, but the fighting and violence he promoted and incited caused huge problems for now and probably the future .But things are starting to crash, his legal problems are mounting, his influence is diminishing and hopefully this is the beginning of the end for him and his enablers. Don the Con, I think your luck may be running out and reality might be settling in. Money does not buy everything. You can’t expect to get away with all your crazy shit forever. Get ready for your jumpsuit! Maybe get a matching jumpsuit for Melania with stilettos. Karma is a bitch.

The opinion expressed in the above piece is that of the writer.