Boredom: The Living Room Podcast Episode 1 – The Awkward Struggles of Being Bored

Boredom: An Introduction

Boredom: A universal feeling among most human beings. Simple as we can’t find something to do when we aren’t being stimulated, which is an acknowledgement of our consciousness. While experiencing boredom is boring, talking about it couldn’t be further from the truth. We are interesting creatures. We don’t like being bored. Scratch that, we hate being bored. We will go as far to cause bodily harm to ourselves to avoid boredom.


Boredom: The Living Room Podcast

Pretty interesting right? That’s exactly what I thought, so I decided to bring that into my podcast’s debut episode. The name of this podcast is The Living Room podcast. On this podcast, I get guests (family, friends, strangers) to talk about things the way they would in their living rooms with their friends or family.

My goal is to bring raw, real conversation about what is happening, whether it’s regarding culture, politics, entertainment or even human emotion.  No fancy tricks or special games, just real conversation. 

That’s why this episode is on boredom. I wanted to explore this unique emotion in a realistic light. And why I love Vsauce’s video on the subject; that video is also rehearsed and not just a normal conversation.

I wanted to get at the root of what makes us tick. What do we do when we are bored? How do we feel? How do we cope? That’s why I brought on a guest to talk to about this subject.

Our Guest of Boredom: Jared

Our guest is no stranger to boredom as he is my roommate and friend, Jared. I live with him and we are always trying to figure out how to spend our time. I’m always going down to Dickson Street to go eat or see the antics of college age people out in the streets. It’s nice to bring Jared with me sometimes and have someone to enjoy the fun. 

I think an interesting dynamic of my friendship with Jared is our extreme contrast. I am at heart an extrovert and Jared is most definitely an introvert. I’m about hanging with a few good buds and having some fun while Jared would rather play video games. Despite that, we get along pretty well talking about movies and other random young college age student ideas.

The Living Room Podcast: E1- Boredom 

Jared is a strong candidate for talking about boredom as I watch him being able to find something to do all the time. I end up having to figure something out. If you’re feeling bored now, maybe this thoughtful, raw, but insightful podcast will scratch that itch for you. 

Watch the podcast here: