Bidens’ Record: 4 Big Disasters and Counting

Biden's America
Biden’s America

Joe Biden’s presidency has proven to be disastrous so far. From day one, his administration has destroyed everything it touched. His first weeks in office focused on undoing all Trump era policies. Personal rhetoric aside, this was the first disaster.

Biden halted all work on the border wall and threw open the gates for a flood of illegal immigrants. By suspending all border wall related projects, the Biden Administration initially spent $6 million daily of taxpayer money.

Contractor layoffs have reduced the waste to $3 million daily. So much for the working man this administration claims to support. After paying to babysit materials, the administration will have wasted nearly $1.5 billion by calendar year end.

As our American dollars are squelched by out-of-control inflation, the border crisis is looming. Arrests at the Southern border alone surpassed the one million mark back in June and immigration is at an all-time high.

Biden’s Border Crisis

There are several major problems here. First, a wide open border is a slap in the face to every American citizen who immigrated legally or was actually born here. Legal immigration is a costly and lengthy process.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, there is the constant drain on the economy. As if wasting $1.5 billion wasn’t enough, American taxpayers are now on the hook for supporting every man, woman, and child who crosses into the country!

Each of these people need temporary housing, food, and medical care. Schools will be overcrowded, and public services meant for struggling Americans will be drained, if they aren’t already. The economic impact can’t be overstated here.

Furthermore, they are not testing for or treating covid-19 at the border. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. America will never reach herd immunity or anything close to normal public function while our borders are wide open.

Notwithstanding Biden is breaking the law by refusing to protect our American borders. Unfortunately, Democrats have both chambers of Congress and refuse to hold the administration accountable for the border crisis or anything else it is destroying.

Not Following Coronavirus Science

Exacerbating the issue is Biden’s executive order attempting to force regular hard-working Americans to get vaccinated. While he may feel like his motives are pure, he is not following science and he is disregarding the constitution.

Multiple studies have demonstrated the power of natural immunity from previous coronavirus infections, even if only mild. No matter the reasoning, citizens of a free country can’t be forced to take medication they don’t want.

The Biden administration is either misinformed or they are purposely misinforming Americans, and neither is acceptable. In a speech Biden gave that was aired on CSPAN, he claimed that vaccinated people can’t spread covid-19.

That is just completely false. Even fully vaccinated people can catch and spread covid-19. Of course, I really don’t see how it matters if we continue to let hundreds of thousands of people pour through our Southern border bringing new strains of the virus with them.

Why does Biden insist on punishing regular Americans and caring for noncitizens? It doesn’t make much sense. Our hard-earned tax dollars are lining his pockets and being spent on people that got here by breaking the law.

Meanwhile inflation is through the roof and grocery store shelves are empty again. The things that are available are almost unaffordable to the regular working class American that Biden claims to support. Every time they raise the debt ceiling and print more money, our dollars buy less.

Gas stations are running out of gas in almost every city and if they pass their new infrastructure bill then driving will become unaffordable for most families. He’s making it nearly impossible for many of us to even get to work. No wonder his poll numbers are tanking!

Afghanistan Debacle

Amid all this chaos at home, the administration left thousands of American citizens behind enemy lines in Afghanistan in a complete debacle of our troop withdrawal. Americans are being hunted down, tortured, and killed by the Taliban regime.

What do they get for this complete and total disregard for human life? What happens when the Taliban tortures and kills citizens of the most powerful nation in the world? Well, the Biden Administration is going to pay them – quietly.

He is trying to publicly recognize their ‘leadership’ saying the Taliban has established a government in Afghanistan and he is sending millions in ‘foreign humanitarian aid.’ The news media isn’t reporting on this because most of them are funded by left wing activists who want to keep the story quiet.

The midterms are coming up and Biden’s poll numbers can’t get much worse than what they are right now. As the holidays draw near, the season will probably decide how the midterms go. Unfortunately, disaster looms on the horizon.

We can all see it coming, but there isn’t much that anyone can do about it. The people that hold the power are turning a deaf ear to their constituents. Biden and his administration are failing on every front, and they continue to fail daily.

Political Consequences

Perhaps his political experience, as unimpressive as it may be, has served him well. While it has taught him nothing of caring for public citizens or productive foreign policy, it has taught him what not to say. Cancel culture is alive and well and it yields far too much power in our society.

Donald Trump may not have been the most likeable president, but he ran the country flawlessly. His policies were effective, and life was better under his leadership. Unfortunately, he would not bow down to cancel culture and he was ousted.

Americans are only now beginning to suffer the consequences of Biden’s extreme leftist agenda. Everything is a mess right now but everyday life for normal working-class Americans is about to become completely impossible.

The price of gas continues to rise and there is less and less on grocery store shelves. Before Biden took office a ship full of goods from China used to cost $2,000 and take about 12 days to receive. Now it costs $20,000 and takes at least 45 days.

There is a bottle neck in every major port in America and the domestic supply chain is already in a delicate state. New vaccine mandates mean that thousands of Americans are losing their jobs daily. Some are being replaced with foreign nationals and some not at all.

This spells disaster for the American public, but nothing will change until we pull together. My question is, how much does Biden have to wreck to make it happen?