Young YouTubers Run The Stock Market?

Youtubers change the world
Many Youtubers are smarter than the market.

Is the stock market being driven by inexperienced young YouTubers?

The Stock Market has a great deal of appeal for people these days and the common worker is getting ahead with his stock play. There have been many new millionaires made during the pandemic. President Biden’s attempt to raise the capital gains tax is going to hurt many new investors and it’s a shame. Some good things have come from the new investment craze. One such thing has been the rise of YouTubers that provide their own opinions that lead ordinary people in a direction and gives the common man a chance. Some of these YouTubers are professionals, others are just personalities. Either way, since their information is clearly just for entertainment, it becomes just about as equal as meeting someone random that has an idea. This is a major event that is happening and it changes the entire market which will create more prosperity for the individual and more start-ups or build out equity for the new companies. It can only make America stronger, unless of course the government decides to screw it up and they are likely to.

Here are a few samples of some young YouTubers.