Shot in the Noodle? 100’s Masks Bloodied by Power

June 15, 2021 – Masks still make people crazy in the noodle? A young woman sits in a crowded Motor Vehicle. She is relaxed and a bit slouched, her body is relaxed. Her size is average but strong and athletic. She wears a mask with a sports team design.  Her fashion is simple and athletic as well. An older man wearing a mask approaches and starts to view some vanity license plates. He stands about 3 feet away from her and is perusing the plates with curiosity. It appears he is viewing license plates from local sports teams. He looks from side to side but then is interrupted. The young woman sits up and says “step back”. The older man ignores her. Again she says “social distance, step back”. He ignores her further and continues his stare at the plates. The agitated young woman shakes her head in disgust and disbelief of this older gentleman. He walks away with no emotion and sits among other people.  While sitting it seems he starts to stare at her, yet still no emotion?

What has happened to the world during the Covid-19 pandemic and what makes people take action in two different ways?

Here are two separate takes on each reaction represented by a few guesses about what they might be thinking.

Power in the masks
A young woman lays down the masks law to an old man.

A young woman’s rule on Masks

Young Girl:

    1. Maybe she feels like the government expects and wants her to be “The Mask Police”.
    2. Maybe she thinks that there is a crisis that must be handled and resolved by individuals’ actions.
    3. Maybe she feels that the old man has no right to invade her space, and by using the virus and social distancing, she can enforce what she desires with a Covid-19 excuse.
    4. Maybe she feels that she has power and she will never have power again like what has been given by this pandemic.
    5. Maybe she is a new American that will trust everything the Government tells her?

stubborn old man
The face-off between an old man and a woman.

An old man’s rule on Masks

Old Man:

    1. Maybe he expects younger people to be disrespectful.
    2. Maybe he has no respect for younger people.
    3. Maybe he does not believe in Covid.
    4. Maybe he cannot trust the media in his mind.
    5. Maybe he does not trust the government?


It seems that America and likely other countries have not been helped with their crisis of division among citizens. Covid has clearly brought more division and the mask has been the accidental tool or the deliberate tool. People are indeed suspicious of their governments and the media these days. It is not a new story, but the Covid Crisis has had an effect. In defense of the young woman, there are constant bombardings from news sources, radio stations, and internet ads claiming that the virus and masks are urgently necessary. In defense of the old man, there have been countless stories from people that the deaths of their loved ones were recorded as Covid deaths when in fact their loved one died from a brain tumor or even an auto accident. There have definitely been political maneuvering with the help of the Covid pandemic to make things a bit foggier.

It’s the old story about the boy who cried wolf. Too many lies and nobody believes you. In fact, there have been lies, and there have been masks, but not only covering the face. This is what can lead to a bloody mask, especially if two people’s beliefs or perceptions differ.

People, we need help with growing up or just getting our stories straight or just getting the facts. Let’s just hope we can somehow find some proper information.